Andrea Reicherl _Passion rhymes with tradition

Andrea has been in kitchen designing for past 13 years, from the drawing board to production. He believes that everybody should be able to buy, own and enjoy original piece of art or design in our home. As it can enrich our living spaces and, perhaps our life.

"I thinks kitchen is more than a cooking space. It is a space of all about joy, family and tradition. To an Italian, it is place where family get-together, entertain, share and spend quality time to wine, dine and whine. In a typical Sunday lunch, among family, extended family and friends, it could last for all day, literally!

Nowadays, kitchen space has evolved and merged with living and dining area forming virtually one uninterrupted space."


Cesare Catone

His creativity started when he was 16 years old, working in his dad’s woodworking and along the way, his curiosity developed with other material such as acrylic and aluminium. Kitchen companies took notice of him and his exploration on material into realization, eventually recruited him for their R & D divisions.

With a vast of four decades (40 years) of hands-on technical and production experience, Cesare has made a name for himself from wood-craving work to industrialisation CNC machining to create and produce his own designs as well as realization of designs by designer, eg. Karim Rashid*.

*named by TIME as the “Most Famous Industrial Designer in All the Americas,"


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Jakarta Selatan 12140, Indonesia

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